Team Eli Real Estate's Trade-In Program

Buy a Home With Us and We'll Buy Yours

1. Team Eli Real Estate presents an offer to purchase your home

First, your agent will evaluate your home’s value and together you will agree on a price. Once we agree on the cash offer amount, it’s time to shop for your new home!

2. Our agents will help you make a strong offer when you find your dream home

When you find the home of your dreams, you’ll be ready to make your strongest offer knowing you have a cash buyer for your existing home. This means you're more likely to close and can do so on your own timeline.

3. You move in on your schedule

Once your offer is accepted, everything comes together in a few short weeks. We buy your home at the purchase price agreed upon so you get the cash to close on your dream home and control when you move.

No more stressing about where you will move once you sell or about the possibility of two mortgage payments! To learn more about our NEW Trade-In Program, give us a call at 519-340-0901 and ask for Eli