Divorce is rarely easy and often means a lot of difficult decisions.

One of the most important decisions is what to do about the house.

In the midst of the heavy emotional and financial turmoil, what you need most is some non-emotional, straightforward, specific information and answers. Once you know how a divorce affects your home, your mortgage and taxes, critical decisions are easier. Neutral, third party information can help you make logical, rather than emotional, decisions.

Probably the first decision is whether you want to continue living in the house. Will the familiar surroundings bring you comfort and emotional security, or unpleasant memories? Do you want to minimize change by staying where you are, or sell your home and move to a new place that offers a new start?

Some things to ask yourself when going thru a divorce:

  • Can you afford the mortgage on your own?
  • Can you afford to buy out your spouse's share of equity?
  • Can you handle the upkeep? (Repairs, lawn care, etc)
  • Are you upside down in the mortgage?
  • Do you need all that space?
  • Emotionally, do you even want to stay in the previous marital home?
  • Does your divorce decree state that the family home needs to be sold to pay off debt?

 When you need to sell your house quickly, the last thing you need to do is wait for a buyer or wait for showings. Don't wait any longer!

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