A Raving Fan is someone who has introduced/referred us to a someone or sent us the information for someone who is looking to buy or sell a home.

Included in the Raving Fans Appreciation Program:

  • A FREE Surprise Monthly Gift delivered to your door step!
  • An invite to FREE Exclusive Client Events throughout the year! So how does this work?
  • For every referral that we receive from you, your subscription to our Raving Fans Program will be extended!

 Call Eli 519-497-8731 and find out how you can sign up for this Fantastic Program!

We are trying to give back and show our appreciation to those who truly support us by referring us to their friends and family. It’s not that we don’t appreciate ALL of our clients, but there are many who have really stood out to and supported us in our journey as Raving Fans and we just want to GIVE BACK any way we can!

So! for every introduction that you send to us, you will be subscribed to our Raving Fans Appreciation Program! An introduction is defined as sending us the contact information of someone looking to buy or sell a home in the next 3-9 months. They say that everyone knows 3-5 people a year who are looking to buy or sell a home, and we are sure you want to help your people get the best service.

To REFER a Friend or a Family member: Simply Fill out this form or call Eli at 519-497-8731

Refer a friend

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