things that make your house look cheap

1. Bulky Leather Seats

Once a symbol of luxury, the bulky leather seats of the ’90s have lost their appeal. Not only do they look outdated, but they’re also uncomfortable and take up too much space.

These seats are hard and often too thick, lacking the elegance and class they once represented. It’s time to replace them with modern, cushioned seating that adds style and comfort to your living room. Let these old seats find their new home in the landfill.

2. Old Chandelier

Chandeliers add a lovely touch to any room, especially when they light up. However, those old chandeliers, often paired with ceiling fans, are outdated. While they were stylish years ago, they no longer fit modern decor.

To keep your home looking fresh, replace the old chandelier with a new, modern one. Contemporary chandeliers are designed to illuminate your room beautifully, adding a cozy and bright atmosphere. Toss the old one and enjoy the updated look of a modern fixture.

3. Lacy Tablecloth

Who uses tablecloths these days, especially lacy ones? Back in the ’90s, lace tablecloths were considered great décor, but times have changed. Using a lace tablecloth now is one of the most outdated design choices.

It’s time to remove that lace cloth and throw it away. Enjoy the simple, clean look of a bare table that highlights its natural beauty. Update your home to reflect modern styles and leave the lace in the past.

4. Window Valances

Window valances bring a nostalgic feel, often used at the top of windows to add extra flair. While they might have been popular in the past, using them now just makes a room look outdated.

It’s time to retire those short cotton pieces and replace them with long, elegant curtains that look modern and stylish. Your room will feel updated and fresh, and interior designers will definitely approve. Toss those old valances in the landfill and enjoy the sleek look of contemporary window treatments.

5. Mirrors Placed on a Ceiling

Fixing mirrors on the ceiling used to be considered chic and stylish, even among celebrities. However, that trend has become outdated. Modern interior design favors more practical and contemporary choices.

It’s time to remove those ceiling mirrors, which now make a room feel stuck in the past. Update your space with current design trends to create a fresh, stylish look. Leave the ceiling mirrors behind and enjoy a more modern and sophisticated interior.

6. Tiffany Bed Lamp

Bed lamps come in many designs and styles to match different tastes. The Tiffany lamp, with its antique look and traditional switch, used to be popular but now seems outdated compared to modern options.

While it still works, it doesn’t fit with contemporary interior design. It’s time to let go of this old-fashioned lamp and find a more modern one that looks great and has better features. Browse online for new bed lamps that are stylish and up-to-date.

7. Kitchen Tile Countertops

Tile countertops were all the rage in the ’80s, but they’re outdated now. Today, granite and other sleek materials are the go-to choices for kitchen countertops.

If you still have tile, it’s time for an upgrade. Hire a professional to renovate your kitchen and replace those old tiles. Embrace modern interior design trends and enjoy the benefits of a stylish, contemporary kitchen. Give your kitchen a classy, updated look that matches current home design themes, and leave the tile countertops in the past.

8. Kitchen Sink Mat

Kitchen sink mats have served their purpose, reducing noise and protecting sink surfaces. However, modern sinks are now made from materials that resist scratches and chipping. For those who still use traditional zinc sinks, it’s better to switch to colorless silicone mats.

These mats offer the same protection without standing out. It’s time to retire the old kitchen sink mats and update your kitchen with more discreet and effective alternatives that blend in seamlessly with your sink.

9. Wooden Toilets Seats

Wooden toilet seats were popular in the ’90s, but their time has passed. They’re now considered outdated and potentially less hygienic compared to modern options.

Design-wise, wooden seats just don’t fit in with 21st-century decor. It’s time to replace them with more contemporary, hygienic, and stylish alternatives. Ditch the old wooden seats and upgrade your bathroom with something that better suits today’s standards and aesthetics.

10. Wood Paneling

Wood paneling was popular decades ago, but today it just makes a room look dated and gloomy. While dark wood can work in some spaces, covering all your walls with it makes the room feel dark and uninviting.

It’s time to get rid of wood paneling and update your space. Sending it to the landfill allows it to be repurposed into something that fits modern decor standards. Upgrade your home with brighter, more contemporary wall treatments for a fresher look.

11. Glass Blocks Glass

blocks had their uses — they allowed light to get into the bathroom without risking your privacy. But really, if you walked into a bathroom that had these today, wouldn’t you feel like you traveled back in time a few decades or so? They’re just one of those things that scream ‘outdated relic of old home design.

’ For that reason, they really don’t belong in any house that’s trying to pass itself off as modern.

12. Popcorn Ceilings

If there was one aspect of a house that instantly took you back to your childhood, it would probably be popcorn ceilings.

We all forgot about them for a time, but we all have some weird nostalgic memory of the way ceilings used to be. That’s exactly why you should get rid of them if you still have such ceilings today. They’re outdated — no two ways about it. There’s just no place for such weirdly textured ceilings in modern home design.

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