Explore the Neighbourhood Before You Buy

Liveability – that is, the quality of the surrounding community – is a significant factor when determining where you want to live. While choosing a neighbourhood and forming an accurate impression of it can be challenging until you actually move there, preliminary research on a given area can help reduce the likelihood of suffering from buyer’s remorse down the road.

So, how can you ensure that you’re making a wise move? Here are five strategies for researching a neighbourhood before you buy a home there.

Choosing a Neighbourhood: Journey of Discovery

To determine whether the area is ideal for you, it is best to pay multiple visits. Listen for things like planes, trains and automobiles as you wander the neighbourhood. Living near places that frequently generate loud noises is probably not a good idea if you have a low tolerance for such sounds.

You should consider the condition of nearby houses as well. A neighbourhood may not be in good shape if many homes are on the market and the fences, yards, and windows all look neglected. Conducting a daytime and nighttime exploration, as well as weekday and weekend visits, are all recommended.

Reach Out to The Neighbours

Talking to locals can be an excellent strategy for gaining insight into a community. Keep your eyes peeled for possible encounters with your future neighbours so you can introduce yourself. Inquire whether they recommend the area to you and your loved ones. A good way to find out if you’d like to move there is to talk to people who already live there.

Check The Crime Rate

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a home, but one of the most important is the local crime rate. Although there is usually some level of criminal activity in every area, some places are considerably safer than others. If the neighbourhood you’re looking at has a low crime rate, you’re likely to feel safer.

It can also be a good idea to check crime maps of the area you’re looking at by doing a quick search on Google. In addition, you can get in touch with the local police for further assistance in finding this information, such as the Toronto neighbourhood crime maps, which show the number of crimes per 10,000 residents.

Examine Recent Changes in Property Values

Considering property value trends is not crucial if you’re a renter, but it is essential if you are considering purchasing a home, and it can be an indicator of a high quality of life. Connect with a local real estate agent to determine if home prices in the area are rising, holding steady, or falling. You can also extrapolate information about a neighbourhood’s public amenities funding from the property tax rates there.

Property values are an important consideration if you’re planning to live there in the long term.

It’s important to remember that property values aren’t indicative of a neighbourhood’s desirability and that affordable housing doesn’t mean a place is terrible to live in. However, they are essential to investigate when learning about a community, especially if you plan to make a long-term investment there.

Do the Commute

The commute you endure every day can significantly affect your happiness. While a quick online search can give you a general idea of your commute and how long it might take, nothing beats experiencing it for yourself, whether you’re travelling by car, foot, bike or public transportation. In addition, the best time to test your commute is when you would typically be on your way to or from work.

Buying the Perfect Home in An Ideal Neighbourhood

It’s just as critical to locate a desirable community as it is to find the ideal dwelling. You can improve a house, but a neighbourhood’s characteristics are much more challenging to alter. Don’t rush into buying a home; instead, take your time to learn about the community and get a feel for the area.

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