5 ways to pay your mortgage faster

any one that has mortgage payments to make, always have on their mind the burden of making the payments and when will this thing be over, so here are a few ways you can pay off your mortgage faster: 1. make bi weekly payments or accelerated bi weekly payments, the reason this will help is because there are 26 payments you would be making the equivilant of 13 months instead of 12 2. increase your regular payment when possible, the extra money you pay towrds your mortgage will help brig down the borrowed principal amount, in term it will help reduce the amount of interest remaining on the term, and this will shave off some time of the amortization. 3.make lump sum payments, you would have a limit on how much you can pay in one shot every year, this will also reduce the amount of principal remaining 4.Lower your interest rate if possible at the time of renewal by negotiating or switching lenders 5.don't refinance to pull equity unless you're looking to re invest the cash in another property. for more helpful free information subscribe to my channel

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