#5 opportunity for buyers and selers in this unaffordable market is Buy a home for your kids.

if you're worried and scared that your kids and grand kids will never be able to afford a home in the future, we can ll see that homes right now are really unaffordable, the prices went down alittle bit but not enough to offset the cost of borrowing, rates are so high and who knows if that is ever gonna change. so for many canadians home ownership is a pipe dream, unless they tap into the generational wealth, the baby boomers can help their kids and grand kids, right now we see more and more people gifting money to their children to buy a home, or co purchase with their kids, or some will buy and put in trust, these things becoming more common, and this is the #5 opportunity to get your kids and grand kids into homeownership and set them up for the fututre,

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